Top 5 Reasons The 2019 BMW 530i Is Perfect For Columbia, SC Drivers

January 31st, 2019 by

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The 2019 BMW 530i is available at our BMW dealership in Columbia, SC.

Standard Rear-Wheel Drive For Dynamic Handling

The 2019 BMW 530i is one of the few sedans in its class that includes a standard rear-wheel drive system. This creates a dynamic driving experience with sharp, agile handling. Many luxury sedans have soft suspension, which makes the vehicle steer like a boat. The new BMW 530i has a comfortable ride and sporty handling. Finding this balance is nearly impossible in a car with front-wheel drive.

Experience the difference rear-wheel drive makes at the preferred luxury car dealer in the Columbia, SC area – BMW of Columbia. Test-drive the 2019 530i today.

Optional xDRIVE All-Wheel Drive For Impressive Stability

BMW’s xDRIVE all-wheel drive system has been widely praised since its introduction several years ago. Since it was introduced, BMW has continued to develop the system and make it even better. The 2019 530i offers xDRIVE as a highly desirable option. The all-wheel drive system in the new BMW 530i is specifically tuned for this luxury sedan. It provides a smooth ride, impressive traction and sporty handling.

Try out the 2019 530i with xDRIVE at your local BMW dealer – BMW of Columbia. Come in for your test drive today.

The 2019 530i Blends Performance & Efficiency

Many of the luxury sedans in the 2019 BMW 530i’s class do have respectable levels of performance. However, few of these competing cars can balance sportiness and efficiency as well as the 2019 530i. The standard 2.0L turbocharged engine kicks out a peppy 248 horsepower. When equipped with the optional xDRIVE all-wheel drive system, the in 530i rockets from 0-60 MPH in just 5.8 seconds. At the same time, this leading luxury sedan gets an EPA-estimated 34 MPG highway.

If you’ve been searching through Columbia, SC car dealerships for a luxury sedan that balances performance and efficiency, your search ends at your local BMW Dealer, BMW of Columbia. Schedule your test drive of the BMW 530i now through our website.

The BMW 530i Stands Out With A Stylish Exterior

The first thing that drivers throughout the Columbia, SC area will notice about the 2019 530i is its elegant, understated exterior style. Long-time fans of the BMW 5 Series models will appreciate the clear influence that well-received designs from the previous generations have had on the style of the 2019 530i. However, the new BMW 530i does have a fresh, modern design that newcomers to the BMW brand will love. The 2019 530i further elevates itself above the competition with multiple stylish flourishes.

The BMW 530i features large standard 18-inch wheels in a striking and aggressive design. The standard LED headlights illuminate the road ahead more effectively than traditional headlights and adds a futuristic look. The 2019 530i also has Black Chrome exhaust tips that hint at its sporty performance. The chrome-line exterior trim adds a dash of flair.

Take a look at the striking style of the 2019 530i. Stop by BMW of Columbia, your Columbia, SC BMW Dealer today for a test drive.

The Elegant Exterior Is Complemented By A Luxurious Interior

The 2019 BMW 530i has the sort of interior luxury that drivers may expect from a BMW model. The genuine wood trim differentiates the BMW 530i from the numerous competitors that trim their interiors with cheap fake wood. The 2019 530i has SensaTec upholstery, which blends comfort and durability. The soft yet tough Anthracite headliner puts the finishing touch on this exquisite luxury sedan.

Drivers in Lexington, Irmo and elsewhere in the Columbia, SC can feel the luxury of the 2019 530i for themselves. Swing by your local BMW Dealer, BMW of Columbia today for a test drive.

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